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Play Chess for FREE on your desktop or mobile. Start with basics and level up your chess skills. is the most innovative chess game you can find on internet. Here you can enjoy various exciting chess game modes and play both in single or multi-player games. You can play free chess game in real time or at any pace you want. Chess Rivals serves you with superb graphics, ultimate user experience, great tutorials and beautiful design. No ads, no hidden traffic, no malware. Chess Rivals is secured with data transmission protocols and is based on powerful gaming platform, being super light and fast.

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Learn Chess

Chess Rivals offers you great selection of FREE chess tutorials and tactics, tackle chess puzzles. Get a chess mentor which will guide you through chess basics and train your chess skills. Practice your chess skills watching famous chess games of chess grandmasters. Learn chess online or offline, in real time or in scheduled time frames. Track your chess progress with our smart chess tracking system. See where you are in your chess progress, compare to other players. Chat with other chess players while playing, exchange chess hints and your chess experience. Get to know all the famous chess players and chess culture around the world with free chess rivals chess game. Analyze yours and others chess games and learn chess!

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Social Chess

Get social with – meet 20 million chess lovers from everywhere. Invite you friends to play chess along. Participate in chess tournaments and get skilled in chess quickly. Play in chess leagues of different XP level with great chess game pool prizes. Review your chess game history anytime up to 5 years. Build your own chess leagues or take part in international chess game league tournaments. Chat and exchange gifts with other chess players, manage your chess rivals friend lists easily. Pick chess opponents which you want based on their skills and your sympathy. Become a chess winner and get listed on weekly chess leader boards. Make your upvotes for the best chess moves, follow chess news, meet chess members, follow chess blogs!

Chess Rivals Gameplay

XP levels Chess Plays on

Play chess with the opponents of your chess XP level and pump up your chess skills while having fun. On you always can select with who to play, how fast will be the game and either it will be rated or not.

Play fair chess on for FREE

Here at we are very keen on how fair all the chess games are. All the chess offenders or cheaters are expelled from our chess community. You can enjoy secure chess playing on absolutely for FREE!

Skill UP Chess with chess rivals tournaments

Playing chess repetitively will level up your chess skills. Here on chess rivals you can play ongoing chess tournaments every day. We set bonus tournaments with great pool prizes weekly and there are also league chess tournaments!

Chess Feedback from Chess mentors & friends

Get the feedback on your chess moves from experienced chess coach. Look up other chess game comments and dig into chess weapons easily. Chess strategies are learned by looking chess games and trying chess moves later yourself!

Chess Rivals Game Features

  • Free Chess Game on your Mobile
  • Offline and Online Chess Games
  • FREE Chess Tutorials and Tactics
  • Chess Games Tracking and Analysis
  • Play Chess Game with Machine
  • Play Chess for FREE with a Friend
  • Talk about Chess with Other Players
  • Play with million Chess Players
  • Powerful Chess Rivals Game Platform
  • 3D Graphics and Superior User Experience
  • Stylish Chess boards and Pieces Design
  • Absolutely Secured FREE Chess Game
  • Learn Chess Basics for FREE Fast
  • Choose which Chess Game to play
  • Select your Chess Game Pace
  • Select your Chess Play Opponent