Player Reviews

Great chess app, runs smoothly and don't have any bugs. Well done, Monster Brain Studios, keep it up!

Sandy Richards

This is the best chess app I have tried, perfect for beginners and pro. Excellent gaming and social experience, highly recommend!

Brian Tuel

Excellent multi-player chess, which has everything you need. Really useful chess tutorials and puzzles for all the levels. I have been enjoying it for several months and just want to say thank you for excellent job!

Gale Hackman

Love chess rivals, no complaints, this app has everything you need. Love the playback option and opportunity to track and analyze your past games.

Chris Aberle from

I am new to chess, so chess rivals learning tutorials helped me a lot in getting around and learning chess basics. You app is great, haven't been facing nay problems with it and love it so far!

Esteban Baldree

Chess is my favorite game and I love playing it a lot and learn new chess tactics. You app works really well and is beautifully designed. Thank you for good work!

Mohammad Rastar

Chess Rivals is great chess app. I find it simple and with many great features. Got addicted to your chess tutorials and have already learnt a lot, playing it constantly.

Daniela Pesola

Chess rivals is a really decent chess app. Game interface is handy and easy to navigate, the chess lessons are simple yet very helpful and insightful. Didn't experience any bugs, the only problem, when wants to quit the game, often hard to navigate to the right button in the menu, maybe you can improve this.

Philip Cardon

I totally enjoy chess rivals, it works just fine, no crushes or any other bugs, nice design and game modes

Paula Mabery

This is the best chess app I could find. Chess tutorials are awesome and the community is really friendly and engaging. The app runs just fine without any bugs. Thank you Monster Brain Studios for bringing together all the best in chess!

Joe Goble

This is the best app for beginners with excellent chess lessons and plenty opportunities to learn how to play this game. The graphics user experience are also very nice.

Ariel Ringgold

Totally love chess rivals. Greta set of features and excellent support. Had experience few bugs, but they were resolved straight away. Learnt a lot from its chess tutorials.

Judson Munos

The best thing I love about chess rivals is that it doesn't cause any problems, doesn't have any bugs, doesn't have any ads and has fantastic game logic and great community. This is my favorite chess app indeed.

Jeff Thaler

I like chess rivals a lot. It is so simple, yet has so many game modes and additional features. Chess lessons are of a great help and I improved my chess knowledge significantly since have started to play it. Thank your fro such a great product.

Natalia Lister