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For all chess beginners and even chess masters it is highly recommended to play chess versus computer from time to time. When you play computer chess online, you can select your level of difficulty and thus practice your chess skills. Our intelligent computer can serve either as a beginner chess player or as a master, which can foresee your upcoming moves and apply all the advanced chess strategies and tactics. In chess rivals you can play special computer chess games, which are designed to improve your certain chess strategies and tactics. You always can play computer chess games just for fun, without betting, which you cannot do in other chess rivals plays, when you play versus real opponent. When you play chess against computer you can use chess hints and select the speed of the computer chess play.

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These days it is hard find a good chess platform which provides with free opportunity to play chess versus computer. Most of the computer chess games require you to pay and charge from 12$ to 99$ dollars per year. Here at chess rivals we offer you the whole range of computer chess games absolutely for FREE. The intelligent computer is an exciting opponent to play chess with, which allows you to learn chess moves, openings, tactics and strategies. You can look at playing computer chess as the way to train your chess skills and chess computer serves as the chess mentor. Chess rivals senior programmers and chess gurus worked together to develop chess computer which will be the most responsive and fun chess opponent to play online chess with.

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Here at chess rivals we believe that chess should be free of charge. That is why we have released our chess online game for free and give you an opportunity to enjoy playing chess without being charged. We are big enthusiasts of chess game and want to bring chess online games into the masses. We can say that playing computer chess at chess rivals is an excellent way to spend free time and get relief from daily workload, while refreshing your brain and having fun. You can play many different types of computer chess at chess rivals. You can always switch between playing chess with computer or with real chess players. However you can always have several chess games running at chess rivals or start new computer chess game easily.

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In chess rivals you can both play chess against computer and play chess with other players. Chess rivals free chess games are addictive, and make you feel good about process of playing chess. Chess rivals chess games allows you to learn chess and enjoy the rewarding process of structural chess play learning. When you play chess versus computer, you don't need to worry about your chess ratings and coins remain. All you need to focus on is chess itself and remembering chess moves, computer uses while playing chess against you. Remember, when you play chess with computer, think first before making your chess move.