While creating Chess Rivals, we have thought of every little detail so you can get the best possible gaming experience ever. Let's see what is there.

Game Modes:

Here at chess rivals you can choose which chess game to play out of 5 chess rivals game modes available for you.

Play 1 on 1

Play classic chess game on your mobile in this chess game mode. Here you play versus random player or your friend. Based on your XP level you are suggested chess opponent and you can either accept or reject him/her. There are also listings of real time"1 on 1" chess plays you can join. Every game can be played in its own time pace and you either create your own game, either join chess listing. You can also send a "1 on 1" chess play invite to any of the chess players on chessrivals.net. During the game you can choose the design of the pieces and the board, as well as the pace of the game.

Live Tournaments

Chess Rivals Live Tournaments is the best way to tune up your chess skills. Here you can join 7other players, based on your XP level. There are certain restrictions regarding the interval of XP which will allow for the same tournaments players, which is stated on chessrivals.net website. Chess Rivals tournaments are played all in the same time frame, and can be initiated either by you or by other users. We match the tournaments participants immediately, if there is tournament request created.

Play With Friends

Playing with friends in chess online, what can be better? Chess Rivals card game is initially designed to make socializing easier. Here you can bring your friends in exciting chess world and enjoy either "1 on 1" chess games together or play in tournaments. You can also share chess league experience together, have real time chats, exchange gifts and learn chess together practicing then with each other.

Play Mini Games

In Chess Rivals you can also try free classic mini games including wheels of fortune, spin and win, an scratch and win.

Play Offline

You can play chess rivals in offline mode, which is rarely can be found nowadays among online games. When you play offline, you are limited to single-player mode, though still can select the pace of the game and difficulty level.

Starting with Chess Rivals

  • Download for FREE on your Mobile from Google Play
  • Register in a minute withFacebook or Google+ Account
  • Play in simplified guest mode

Learn Playing Chess

  • Get FREE access to chess tactics and openings
  • Learn chess basics with mentor and video lessons
  • Become a pro in chess closings – tune up chess vision
  • Analyze your past games and watch others games

Chess Rivals Bonuses

  • Start chess rivals game with 1000 chess points
  • Access 80% Discounted Starter kit as chess rivals newcomer
  • Get 50 more chess coins every second hour
  • Take part in Promo Big Win games

Weekly League Competition

Ever wondered how is it to be a member of a game league? Try it out playing free chess with chess rivals. You can play in 4 types of leagues:

  • My League – start your own league and call friends to play along
  • Friends' League – accept friend's invitation to join their league
  • Country League – get exposure to the bigger chess game community
  • World League – embrace the world of chess and challenge millions

Play league tournaments with difference difficulty levels and pool prizes.