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Chess for Beginners Study Plan - Get Comprehensive Chess Skills Online for FREE!

There are plenty of chess learning tools presented on chess rivals platform. If you are new to chess it may seem overwhelming to you at first sight, so we have develop all-around chess for beginners study plan which covers several chess modules starting from learning chess basics, chess opening, tactics, chess strategies and chess endgames and by summing up all the parts at the end. By following our chess for beginners learning program you are choosing very structured way to access all the essentials of chess at the beginner level in theory and practice. In this study plan we have summed up all the best materials needed especially for beginners chess level, we have unified all the chess for beginners content the way all the study modules complement and consolidate each other and help to improve your chess skills fast!

FREE Chess for Beginners Studies - Acquire Chess Rules and Chess Basics!

Start your chess learning journey with reviewing all the chess rules and watching video covering all you need to know about starting playing chess. If you have any questions at this stage, our chess for beginners mentors will assist you and explaindifficulties you have encountered via chess rivals live chat. The next step will be to play your first live games, try to play two of them and go through each reviewing the moves afterwards. Then try to solve three basic chess tactics, when the computer plays the moves and you are trying to understand them and remember for future games. Then play your first turn-based online chess game. We recommend you to choose longer response period around 3 days per move, so you have time to get familiar with all the game settings and controls. As more you play chess and practice your chess skills is better, so by doing your chess homework you set a path to learn chess for beginners really fast and move to the next chess level. Chess Basics module also suggest you to do free chess daily puzzle review chess computer workout positions. And at the end of chess basics module we suggest you to review newly learned chess skills for beginners by completing a review test.

Learn Chess for Beginners Openings and Tactics Online for FREE at Chess Rivals!

After grasping all of the chess basics it is time to move on to the next chess for beginners study plan levels, which will help you to get along with the rules of chess openings, tactics, chess strategies and chess closings. All of the aforementioned will help you recognize and apply well-known patterns in real online chess games. In the chess opening section you will memorize all the classic openings at the beginners' chess level, watch video lessons and read articles about chess openings. You will also practice your chess opening skills in special exercises. The same goes for strategies section, which contains essential materials on beginners' chess strategies and also practice exercises. All of the chess rivals learning modes include references on our chess mentor courses with corresponding material coverage. Here you will also find overview tests, which will sum up your chess for beginners acquired skills at each level. At each level we recommend you to join live chess games to practice your skills, playing in one on one game or participating in specialized tournaments. Learning chess for beginners is an excellent way to spend free time, stay entertained and train your brain.