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Playing live chess is challenging, it requires your fast reaction and good knowledge of chess basics. The best thing about playing live chess online that it helps you to boost your chess skills really quickly as you are placed out of your comfort zone and have to make fast chess game decisions. To play live chess at chess rivals is absolutely free. You can start playing live chess directly after learning chess rules. If you have been roaming around in search for live chess you should definitely try out playing live chess with chess rivals to see how much fun it is to play in fast pacing environment together with other players from all over the world. Playing live chess games makes your brain work faster, optimize your overall chess skills making you better remember all the chess openings, close-ups, tactics and be more stress-resilient.

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You can download chess rivals on any type of Android device for FREE and then play live chess games which are turn-based at any time and any location. You also can access Facebook version of chess rivals which doesn't require chess game download. It is really easy to download the game though, just visit Google play store and simply type in chess rivals in the search, and then press download button. Playing live chess is an excellent way to spend your free time and activate your intellect. Playing live chess games is really addictive and there are many chess rivals players who are constantly playing chess live with each other. To become great in live chess it is good to go through others live chess games and try to analyze the moves and tactics used there. Playing live chess on your mobile is really convenient, since you get constant access to the live chess plays at any moment.

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Live chess is played in the same manner as regular chess, and the only difference is that it is very fast-paced. Here you also need to capture the King in order to win the live chess game. Playing live chess you should make sure that your knowledge of chess openings, tactics and closings is efficient to apply it at fast-paced game. Here in live chess you don't have the opportunity to make your next move the next day or few days later. So when you join live chess game, make sure you have enough time to follow the game from the beginning to the end in real time mode. Live chess games can be extremely addictive and allows you quickly improve your chess skills and get to the tops of chess rivals leader boards.

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Chess live games are the latest trend in playing chess online. This has been one of the favorite chess playing game modes for many players and there are more and more players who are getting into live chess games now. So by playing chess live you get the opportunity to be among all the players who like to play chess with the speed and who follows the latest chess trends.