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The Best Online Chess Tournaments - Play Live or Turn-based tournaments

Chess rivals game offers you great selection of free online tournaments which can be played anytime and at any level of your chess skills. In our online chess tournaments section you will see all the upcoming online tournaments you can sign up for. In chess rivals you play versus 7 other chess players in pairs, and the one who wins the game moves to the next round. Online chess tournaments at chess rivals are divided in live tournaments and in turn-based tournaments, and you can see all the upcoming tournaments in the tournaments queue.

Invite your Facebook Friends - Play Chess FREE Tournaments Together

You can play chess tournaments together with your friends from social networks. Simply register at chess rivals using your Facebook account, get access to your Facebook friends and play online chess tournaments together. In chess rivals you can have an editable friend list where you can add your friends from social networks, or add new friends acquired while playing in online chess tournaments or single chess online free games. Playing online chess tournaments with people you already know makes it special, since you can share all the moves relating to the chess online tournament and your success in it between each other.

Play Chess Tournaments Online FREE - Enjoy High Bets and Great Design

Chess rivals online tournaments vary in amounts of bets, speed of the games and level of experience required to participate. Each tournament is played in different location indicating the amount of tournament entry fee required to participate. By participating in online free chess tournament you have a chance to win up to 5 million coins at its highest level. You can compete in playing chess versus 20 million other players worldwide. Overall there are ten different levels of chess tournaments, where you can enjoy playing in different settings, since each level is held in different city with custom chess boards and pieces.

Learn How to Play Chess - Participate in Online Chess Tournaments

Playing in online chess tournaments is an excellent way to improve your chess skills and apply in real environment all the openings, strategies, tactics and end games. Here at chess rivals it is really easy to play in online chess tournaments and learn from them, since every games is saved and you can review all the moves of online chess tournament afterwards. You can also write comments on the past online chess tournaments games and start a discussion or ask advice from free online chess mentors.