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Chess Rivals is the best online playground to learn chess amongst other kids online in interactive format absolutely for FREE! Here your kids will find plenty of entertaining tutorials, chess tactics and will stay motivated to improve their chess skills on daily basis. Kids can start exploring playing chess at Chess Rivals completing simple yet fun chess puzzles, trying to memorize chess rules and chess tactics. Then they can move on to playing chess versus other kids. They can both play chess with their Facebook friends or play chess online for free with other kids around the globe. Chess Rivals interactive online playground for learning and playing chess is absolutely safe and reliable, since we keep an eye on all theongoing activity on our website.

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Chess Rivals offers your kids great opportunities to learn chess in interactive free format, without getting bored or destructed. Chess rivals tutorials keep kids entertained and wanting to learn more. We have special section for learning chess, designed especially for kids. The most funny cartoon characters are waiting for you in exciting chess learning journey. You also can get a really cool mentor who will help you to understand chess better. Challenge yourself and your friends in learning chess online for free with chess rivals. Help your kids stand out in chess with the support of the best online chess platform for kids.

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Chess Rivals offers great choice of entertaining online chess games for kids tournaments which your kids can participate in alongside with other children from all over the world. To participate in tournaments is absolutely FREE and all your kid has to do is to place his/her request to join the tournament and then he/she will be matched with other kids of the same XP level in online chess game. The Tournaments are designed the way, that at the same time 8 kids can play it in pairs, the one who wins the game moves on to the next game and to win the tournament kid must defeat three times. In chess rivals online tournaments kids can challenge either their friends from social networks or play together with new kids. Playing tournaments is extremely challenging since the game pace is very fast and requires certain level of chess skills, though playing tournaments certainly boost up chess skills significantly.

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Chess Rivals FREE chess online board game is not just monochrome. Here kids can enjoy playing fully colorful and amusing chess rounds, by selecting different designs of chess boards in different colors with funny board pieces. Chess rivals both suggests you to try playing chess either in classic flat layout or enjoy 3D realistic chess with embedded animations and powerful sounds. Kids can play chess versus computer, which can simulate real opponents starting from the basic level and up to more advance games. In every free chess game kids can select different location and enjoy playing in the castle or real desert environment, which makes chess game even more exciting.