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With the age of Internet, classic chess game has gain new development and earned millions of chess players who joined the game and moved from traditional chess clubs to internet chess clubs. Before the Internet era, people used to play chess either with their friends or in local chess clubs and the popularity of chess wasn't that high. However in recent years chess game evolved in one of the most popular online games you can think of. Playing chess on the internet is a great way to become part of online chess community which doesn't have any borders. Today everyone can play internet chess for free at

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When you play chess on the Internet you can participate in multiple free online chess tournaments either with your friends from social networks or with random chess players from all over the world. It is really easy to bring all your social connections to chess rivals, simply register with Facebook account and challenge your palls to play. In chess rivals there are tournaments of all levels, where you can play beginner games with low bets or win up to 5 million coins in the top tier internet chess tournaments. When you play in chess rivals online chess tournaments you can enjoy great theme design, since every tournament is held in different location with authentic graphics and pictures applied. Online chess tournaments are also excellent way to boost up your chess skills in real time mode.

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