Learn Chess

Chess Game Strategy

Chess is classic board game for two players. You have 64 squares on the board of alternate colors in 8*8 grid. You start the game with 16 chess pieces including king, queen, 2 rooks, 2 bishops, 2 knights and 8 pawns. To win in the chess game you should check-mate the opponent.

Check-mate meaning that the king doesn't have any place to go without being threatened by opponent's piece. The king can get out of the check, but not the mate. To save the king from check you can move it out of the rival's way, defend the king with your other piece by blocking it from the rivals piece, or take the threatening piece. If the king cannot exit check-mate the game ends.

Starting Chess Game you have all your pawns on the second raw of the board, and then first raw is filled with the remaining pieces. The rooks go in the corners, then knights, bishops, and the queen with the king. Queen always takes its color. Whites start the game and then each player moves in single turns. All types of pieces move in it's own way. Only the knights can jump over other pieces. By jumping on the opponents' piece you capture it. After capture is done, it's your opponent's turn again.

Chess King The King is the first and the last figure in chess game. Being the most substantial it remains the weakest in the meantime. It moves very poorly making just one square step at the time in any direction.

Chess Queen The Queen is the most gifted figure. It can move in all direction as far as wanted including forward, backward, sideways or diagonally.

Chess Rook The Rook is very strong piece which moves straight forward and backward and sideways as far as wanted.

Chess Bishop The Bishop moves diagonally as far as needed and only the color it assigned to.

Chess Knight The Knight jumps in L pattern way, going two squares forward and then one square 90 degree from it.

Chess Pawn The Pawns move only one step forward at the time, apart of the first move, when they can move two squares. Pawns can get promoted to any piece in the game, if they make it to the opposite side of the board, including being turned into the queen.

Castling is really important rule to know. Castling let you hide the king and get the rooks into the game, by swapping their places. You do castling by moving the king two square on one of the board sides and then the rook jumps over it. Castling moves should be the first moves for both king and rook, otherwise you cannot do it. Also the king cannot be in check to do the castling.

Draw happens in chess game when there is a dead end and no one can move, if both players agree to this, too few pieces left in the game, no pawns were moved after 50 game moves in total.