About Us

Monster Brain Studios has been operating on mobile game market since 2012 and during this period we have proved ourselves as one of the most successful and prominent emerging mobile platforms developers. Over the last three years we have been working on creating the most entertaining smart social games with the use of the most advanced technologies, best design practices and impeccable user experience.

Monster Brain Studios team consists of 25 enthusiasts, highly engaged in game creation process. We love playing and building games and before releasing new products always carefully test pilot game versions making sure they deliver the best gaming experience and ultimate fun. All of our team-players are highly experienced professionals with extensive background in game development, truly engaged in what they are doing. Every day we learn new things and unfold new ideas, which we constantly implement in new versions of existing games and upcoming releases of the new plays. Here at Monster Brain Studios we believe in team spirit and support and encourage each other in all possible ways, the same principle we foster in our games.

All Monster Brain Studios games are completely FREE and you can download them on any type of Android or iOS devices. We don't support 3-d party ads, so you are risk-free from hidden traffic fees and annoying ads. Monster Brain Studios makes sure all our games are using data transmission protocols so you are saved from any malware and security issues.

Monster brain Studios objective is to deliver the most addictive entertaining games which will be user-friendly, train your brain, gives you lots of fun and opportunity to socialize with people from all over the world. In our new Chess Rivals game we brought together classic Chess experience together with the best game practices you can get in the game universe right now and more.

In Monster Brain Studios game portfolio you can find smart games serving any tastes including great variety of card games including the most entertaining kinds of Solitaire patience game and other exciting gambling games like classic slots and Poker. You also can enjoy checkers, chess and puzzle games here. We also are working on creating more versatile games to play. Join our friendly community of other players, choose the game of your choice and have endless fun playing with your friends or other players from all over the world absolutely for FREE on any type of Mobile devices.

Monster Brain Studios