Chess Rivals FAQ

General Questions

1. What is Chess Rivals?

Chess Rivals is innovative mobile game which you can download absolutely for FREE on any type of Android or iOS devices. Chess rivals card game combines in it the best technology practices, ultimate design and super-friendly user experience. Chess rivals includes great selection of game modes, it can be played both offline and online in real time mode with players from all over the world. Chess rivals free card game is very social and has been created with the purpose of combining brain training, learning how to play chess and creating community of chess enthusiasts, which will play chess together and also support each other on any matter regarding chess game.

2. Can I play chess rivals without registration just as a guest?

You can play simplified chess games in single-player game mode without registration. You cannot access multiplayer game tournaments or "1 on 1" games. If you don't want to register using your Facebook or Google+ accounts, you can register with Chess Rivals by creating your Monster Brain Studios ID. This option will be offered to you after you download the game.

3. Is it possible to play Chess Rivals Offline?

Yes, Chess Rivals offers the option of playing in Offline mode. Notice, that in this mode you can play only versus computer and not with the opponents. This game mode is designed for you to practice your chess skills, and your games will not be scored for the XP, chips and game gems.

4. How do I create my Chess Rivals Account?

After installing application on your mobile device the registration field will pop-up directly on the main screen. You will be offered several options how to complete quick registration, either through your social accounts or via email address or Monster Brain ID.

5. How do I create my Chess Rivals Game Challenge?

You simply go to the home screen and choosing start the game. Here you will be able to select either to join existing chess challenges either to create yours. By selecting create yours, you will be offered to select game rules like speed of the game and the board and pieces design. After your game is processed, it will be published in the table with all the challenges and when someone wants to play with you, you will be notified. There is also an option to send direct game invitation to someone on your chess rivals friend list.

6. What if I miss my move and the time is over?

If you don't move your piece on time, the game will be over and you lose against the opponent.

7. How can I get a chess mentor to practice my chess skills?

In the learning panel tab you will find section called "Chess Mentor". Here all the experienced chess players along with professional members are listed with their ratings and skills in descriptions. You can simply select the mentor you like and contact him regarding his availability. Notice that some mentors coach you for FREE and some will ask for some reward. In that case you can transfer those funds using chess rivals in game payment system, which allows for using major debit/credit cards and also PayPal.

8. How do I select the game rules?

When you going to play chess online, you either create your own chess game call or join already existing game on the list waiting to be matched. If you join the game, the game timing is already determined. But if you create your own you choose it yourself and it is offered you automatically before submitting the game.

9. How do I submit chess moves during the game?

During the game all the moves appear next to the board, so you can see yours and your opponent's last moves all the time. When you want to input your move, you simply click on the piece and drag it to the destination square.

10. How can I improve my chess skills?

Playing chess requires constant practicing. The best thing to become better in chess is to play chess tactics and accomplish chess tutorials. It is also to analyze your past games and games of other players. In chess rivals we also keep track of all the best chess moves which are listed in corresponding tab. If you can give at list an hour a day to chess tactics, you will soon become an expert in playing chess both online and offline.

11. Are there are any chess rivals community rules and how to deal with offenders and cheaters?

Here at chess rivals we care a lot about communication in our chess community. We always put customer first and listen to your feedback carefully. We strive for the honest chess games and smooth communication without offence. If there are any cheaters or offenders, we expel them from chess rivals community straight away. We track all our games and if there is any problem we immediately see it and stop it. If someone at chess rivals offend or spam you, making your presence at chess rivals uncomfortable, please let us know by contacting our community officer at

Technical Questions

1. Cannot download the new version of Chess Rivals on my mobile device, please help.

First check if there is enough space on your mobile.

1. Open Settings > Applications > Google Play Store > Clear Cache and Clear Data.
2. Restart your device and after download Chess Rivals again.

If that doesn't help do the following:

  • Clean device cache by going to Settings > Storage > choose Cached Data.
  • Move all data and apps to external SD card.
  • Remove data and apps you don't need anymore.

It is recommended (Google) to have at least 1 GB of memory to install and update apps.

If the problem still remains please contact our support team at

2. Cannot connect through my Facebook account.

Go to the menu settings and choose Settings > Accounts > Facebook >select your account and in the menu choose remove your account. After this reload your device and add your Facebook Account back.

If this doesn't help, contact Monster Brian Studios support team at .

3. Problem logging to chess rivals with Google+, please advise.

In the game menu settings select Settings > Accounts > Google > choose your account in the menu and delete it, then restart your device and add Google account back.

If the above steps didn't help to solve the issue, please contact our support team at , providing all the necessary information on your device including its software version.

4. Which platforms does Chess Rivals operates on?

At the moment you can download chess rivals on any type of mobile device:

  • Apple iPad;
  • Apple iPhone;
  • Android tablets;
  • Android phones;

We also are working on creating web versions of chess rivals which you will be able to run on any operating system. Apart of Linux.

5. Does Chess Rivals game support all the latest OS updates for Apple and Android?

Yes, we do keep track of all the updates, so you don't need to worry about compatibility issues.

6. Chess Rivals crushes every time I try to log in, what should I do?

First try to reinstall the game, if that doesn't help please contact our support team at .

7. I have stopped using my current Facebook account connected with Chess Rivals. Is it still possible to keep my Chess Rivals current profile and its progress?

Yes we provide you with this option. In order to do this, you can create Monster ID and your Chess Rivals account will linked to it from then, while keeping all the game progress.

8. How can I close / delete my Chess Rivals Account?

Please notice, if you permanently delete your account, all your gaming history, scores, XP and game chips and gems will be constantly removed.

If you just need a break you can simply deactivate your account, and restore it anytime. You can do it by going to Menu > Settings > Account > Disable My Account

If you are sure you want your account permanently deleted, you can do it in Menu > Settings > Account > Delete My Account

9. Forgotten password or username problem.

If you cannot log in because of forgotten password or username, please send request to the server by entering your email address in the form "Forgot my password" under the log in tab.

10. How to change Chess Rivals user name without starting up new account?

Go to the Menu > Settings > User Profile > Change User Name